Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our mind is a creative wonderland

Hello!  / 'got my mojo workin'!' (oh, you muddy waters...)

    There is so much to tell, so much to tell.  First off, Happy Wednesday! Every day is beautyful.  No, we do not sit on our bums, cramming words and mental pictures to wait for Friday, where we blast our socks off in drunken stupor.  EVERY day should be an adventure.  Every image a mental Blast of fiction and paradise.  every person a friend.  every breath a breath to enlighten all your masses... of cells.    every day is a party.

        Here is a Dogen meditation to get you through those times where 'Wednesday' is only 'Two more days till Friday!' and not 'TGI-W!'...

          ~You must act only for this day and this hour,
                  because tomorrow is unfixed
                  and difficult to know
                  You must meditate without wasting time,
                  thinking that there is only this day
                  and this hour
                      After that it becomes truly easy ~ 

To help when meditating, Be Comfortable.  Don't let any mental blockages or physical pains relieve you from experiencing a truly blessed moment with the world. I like to keep my spine straight, but not tense.  A relaxed straight.  As well as my arms, shoulders, neck, hair, lips, weightless.  blessed, true, truly blessed.  I overheard from a very smart bird.  Delicate, rare, amazing, that keeping that back straight allows 'the subtle winds of energy to flow freely'.  Just like salmon pulling up stream, blocking out mental prisms and getting to that beautyful, peaceful place, or curly hair at its fullest, Grandma's kisses, brownies spreading out as far as they are wide, the flower you see,  those peaceful messages you hum ('Ohmmm!') to yourself inside ("You must act only... and peace!"...).  They will be able to fully spread their roots, kick that soccer ball, flow to Every Cell once you unshrivel your spine!  Oceans spread far and wide, carrying the fish, only trapping sand and dust, (and yes, mental prisms) into their crevices.  Don't let "After that..." get stuck in some neck cell.  

"Blurbs!!" (now to be called... 'Mental shout-outs'...)

"Awake my soul, awake my soul (Marcus Mumford :)"

Trees.  they are beings.  just without arms.  or brains.  (or... i mean, what good did brains ever serve anyway?  their arms are Just as good)  I like climbing trees, but now, the trees on my campus are Branch-less! about 8 feet above our rich, green foresty grass.  towering above my head. stupid, stupid... blind stupor you school academia 'masters' create!!  I say, Jump to the trees.  

Yesterday, March 21: "Spring's official hello"...

p.s., in the very near future you will see this "lauren" (me :) reaching above, curling my toes, laying, in these glorious trees.  far from academia 'masters'...

'dream weaver, weave me this basket'
(people who inspire me, through musical talent, wizardry, fantastic cooking, jokes, dreams, i wish'es..., love, eye brows, Fantastic wizardry, and blurbs.)

 andrew w. danger-powers.. ("sand, you beautiful sand!")
zach condon (rain rain, go away?)
 (i say just let 'im be)

the australian wilderness:

 look inside, (flying mountain squirrel)

'original man, original man. (paint me the days, oh original man...)The Day of the Dead (syncretism, peace)
(bikers say stop.) 

bobby allen z!
top three quotes: (thinkin' on ma feet)
"don't follow leaders, watch the pawkin' meterss!"
"imagination is the key to your soull..." 
"oh marianne, pass me the joint" (and other quirky burks :)
numero #1: "schizophrenia, or shamanism?"
Einstein, steinbeck, tolle of the calmness, vanwyngarden, whoever you are, Iroquois Jackson, all i can say is, sleep peacefully, and don't ever mend your ways.

"hang ten brothaa!!" (final blurbs...)

peace tree: ~
peace tree, forgive us now
let us take
the quakes and
  "smucker them", with love and kisses

breathless, anonymity.

i had to stop and think for a while, 
    'what will my brothers think?
    they must think, of... something.'

nope, a joke, stoke, bloke? (sigh.)

peace tree, forgive us now
let us give
you roots
provide your soils
with fruits and air, Clean from fracking
green from murder
safe from havens
and hopeless in your arms
give us the day
to stay, 
    cherish, weep,
      in your arms.
 "giving tree, please rescue me from thus." ~

   ~because all that creative jest needs to go somewhere, people...

Tony Moss, leader of the LuvAmp project, is seeking all creative energies! he is leading this project which brings together community, strength, empowerment, courage through music!  unleashing that 'collective genius' that unites all humans, but sadly is restrained by our own burgeoning worries that 'Sally down the street will just not get it'. In california this june, the LuvAmp peoples will be hosting a benefit to ... benefitt the community through jolly music, ho ho ho. visit the link here and please help out in any way you can.  Shwam.

Life is a circus...

~courtesy of natalie dee

one last thing, all you aliens.  spread the love to 10 great people you see today.  those busy sidewalks.. those crowded meat districts! shout 'happy wednesday!' or offer a joke.  works every time.

Peace! ☮


  1. Hello Lauren, I was so delighted to receive a sweet message from a young lady... I can tell your mom did a great job raising a happy, loving, earth friendly child. I feel your energy through your words, your beautiful description of yourself. The world needs more children like you and my little boys. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, really look forward to reading more of your posts.
    ...curly hair at its fullest", love that. Great descriptions.

  3. Love your energy and good vibes Lauren - wish I had half as much - Happy Blogging and thanks for visiting me :D

  4. zeb, what are you talking about? i love your vibes! your post of the bumble bee was pure, sweet, honey-licious. and i would burn down my future cabin in the woods making all the delicious breads you bake up. yum!


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