Sunday, March 20, 2011

my first post. joy :)

hello fellow humans!

my name is lauren, and i am currently in my second year at school.  i reside in pittsburgh, love meeting new people, playing instruments, drawing, practicing kundalini yoga, eating healthy plant-y foods, being sporadic.  what else?

likes giraffes, plants and staring at the earth
my family
being challenged
not focusing
and love....

taking photographs, learning from individuals, communing, climbing trees and eating from bushes, humpback whales, the color brown, green, our algae, ...

reciting poetry, smiling, ice cream, happy cows,  bob dylan, danger, cliffs and beach-biking, living in tents and farming, supercalifragil..., sporadic meet-ups, my dad's humor, just... hugging...

you see there are a BILLION different ways to define lauren, as well as you Molly, or Joe or the man who lives two blocks down from me, or the fellow organic grocer.  we are all very individualized, fitting into our own 'individual culture' by our thoughts, goals, relationships, love of foods, things we already know how to do, things we are afraid of, our inconsistencies, our Name, what we desire, what we are capable of underneath the individual suppressing fears, We Are All Beauty, Unique individuals.
I like to meditate, propel my being's journey to this 'enlightenment' above and beyond our sheltered selves, and giraffes. (giraffes :)

But, why continue?  why SAY what 'lauren' is. that defines me and every time you define a word or person, smeared away from all the beautyful depth... hidden, grand, vast, unknowing and yet to be touched and felt; the forever 'ocean' of life that is our selves.  'lauren' (and molly and joe and the fellow grocer and marty the fellow neighborhood giraffe) is so much more than just an expression of what music, foods, blurbs we all like. that is why my 'spiel' is over.  you can discover what this crazy gal lauren is all about, through the poetry of your own mind.

   Feel free to express any comments, woes, tips or travels in the comment section below. our world is beautyful! let's embrace it together :)

"Blurbs!" (blah blah blah...)

Happy Vernal Equinox!

today marks the beginning of spring.  fresh, sweet corn, a gathering of tribes and smiling doves (oh these pastures of plenty!). on the equinox the sun aligns perfectly with the equator, causing every splendor, every culture on one hemisphere to experience the same length of day, while everyone in the opposite hemisphere experiences their own dark, deafening rich sky. 

Music: (what is this crazy girl listening to??) 

"When I'm Sixty-Four" by the beatles. masterpiece movie. wizards :)

~a daily meditation ~  ohmmmm

every morning, as the leaves tide and the sun wakes up my lashes, i realize not only am i sweating, i am ALIVE, JOYOUS, FRESH.I practice a daily meditation every morning.  it's closing the eyes, whispering nothing, thinking nothing, breathing into your lungs sweet, cool air, and sitting or standing, with the spine straight, hands calm, stomach tame, and voice shut.  it's to seep in a daily anecdote, saying, message, belief.  absorb all you can, believing in its message, through every soul of every cell in your body, and breathing in and out, in and out, until you are done.  then open up, wake up your voice, drink water, fluff your curls, put on your pants, and set out for the day.

   Today's mediation (Osho meditation):
     ' The function of meditation
       is to give you the space,
       to give you the understanding,
       to give you the feel of aloneness,
       and the experience of relating
       without getting into a relationship '

The meditation teaches nothing.  your being Inside will flower.  it is only asking your 'voice inside', your 'teaching self' to remain quiet, unobservant, unopinionated.  to allow your Being to reflect on the world, unjudged, unmasked and open to the vast outside.

part tres...
    A silly, slammy poem:
  ("beatniks, roadside?")

      in turtlenecks 
      do they swim?
      or take up ashore?
      take on ashore?
      no, i say they trot to the horses and cows
      and feeds the pastures
      that grow
      to mother earth's sow
      reaping this tiding
      bringing me home,
          sweet home.

      whispering willow-tides
      they weep
      they love cool things
      Dilly on the swing set
      Mary on the toe
      Please, watch over
      sink into my crest
      breath in my wounds
      where frosty pains seep
      let mother like me
      let her know
      that love, dreams and doves
      are all that i know
      I love her
         let her know.

my final soliloquy...
  this outside world...
   or, "if not for you (i'd be sad and blue)"

  here are a few brilliant blue, green and white. purple, majestic and tall... landscapes i found.  they are courtesy of Rich2012 on  He has his rights to the photos i will show you, but i am only spreading the love.  they are gorgeous, reflective, wondrous.  i hope in showing you these it will propel you towards viewing his other art. maybe pay him a compliment or reflection on his work.  enjoy!  (and see how beautyful this planet is?  geez!)

"misty view" :
"hampshire fields" :
(actual photos are copyrighted. can only view them on own respective site)

finally, this beautyful place called 'blue ridge'.  these (and the picture of the hemp field above) aren't from Rich2012, but a display of blogs. look open, mouth ajar, these crests of bounty ~

"bountyful crests"
"art class"
"old tides... look, there's a dinosaur!"
                                                                Peace  ☮

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  1. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Lauren.
    If you like giraffes you'll love this site
    It really captured people's imagination.


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